Make buttons in a document BIG!

In building a dashboard (command center, if you will), I have a bunch of buttons and stats.

I’d love to make primary buttons BIG, like 2X bigger!

It could simply be made to respond to h1, h2, etc…

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Well, you can add newlines and spaces to the label.


Not sure how to make the text larger though, didn’t find any hidden formula for that.

Okay, with some hacks I managed to do this:

Referencing formatted text from cells in a button’s label sorta works. A wild guess it was!


WOAH!!! You’re like a Coda Wizard!!! So cool!!

ps. how did you add spaces in the label? Shit+enter doesn’t cut it.

In formula mode, shift+enter works for me. I’m on Windows though, maybe on Mac it’s different.


Awesome, it does work in formula mode.

How do you change the color? _Color doesnt’ seem to do anything…

Double-check. Should work, as you can see in my screenshot.

More documentation here:


I was wondering where you were getting your hacks from!

Awesome as always, thank youu!

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Just when I think I know Coda well, Paul teaches me something new :slight_smile:



I’m just trying out different things, and 14 out of 15 times they work exactly as expected. That’s what I love about Coda the most.

Guess my full-stack software engineering background helps a lot. I’m just making assumptions about how Coda works under the hood, and most of the time the assumptions are correct.

There were hints of the existence of hidden formulas in the community before. This got me curious to find them all, so I dug into Coda’s source code. Then @Filmos and others expanded on that with some brilliant guides. That’s the Community for you :slight_smile:


That’s awesome that Coda has so many hidden layers. What’s yet to be found out, I wonder?

Very cool!

This is precisely the mark of a thoughtfully-designed system; it is capable of new behaviors, the likes of which the developers never anticipated or intended.

I believe Coda ALREADY supports innovative ideas, use case, and processes that have yet to be invented.


I think that this post also comes handy in context of this post:

Credits to: @Saul_MIND_Garcia


Here’s yet another trick with reusing Big Cell content in an unexpected place:

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