[PETITION] Bring back nested buttons

Earlier today there was an update to coda which slightly changes how button labels work.
The most notable change is difference in behavior of buttons that are inside of a button label - they no longer work at all.

I’m aware that this is what can happen with unfinished formulas, but I would still ask for this to be reverted.
Not only does this seem like an unnecessary change, it is also a very damaging one.
Nested buttons were crucial to deep modifications and they allowed for way more creative button use.

Example usage
In the example above I was creating an alternative to the card view.
The big button (which is the background) when clicked would expand given row, but you could still perform certain actions (such as checking your to-do list) from this minimized view.

And, with a little bit of trickery and other hidden formulas, this was working nearly 100% reliable.
But right now this just impossible.

There are two reasons that I can think of why this would be changed.
It either is just a fallout from some other inside changes or it is an attempt to prevent clicking multiple buttons simultaneously when they are nested.

If it is the latter, there is a significantly better alternative.
Instead of disallowing putting buttons inside of another buttons, you can make it so that only the top-most button under the cursor is clicked.
Not only would that bring back the nested buttons and prevent overlapping actions, this would also make the example above work without any _Delay() formulas or other workarounds.

I’m really hoping that @bendavis or any other coda team member will see this and consider my request.
While this doesn’t affect anyone who isn’t using hidden formulas, it is a major hit for those of us that do.

And if anyone else has some thoughts on this topic, don’t hesitate to post them below.

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Given the speed with which Coda members reply here I highly suggest you mail support as well with this request and post the feedback here.

Hi @Filmos,

Thank you for sharing this thoughtful note. From time to time, our engineers are going to make changes that will affect the underpinnings of some of our features. In this case, the buttons were never actually meant to be used in the way you described, and using them in this manner could sometimes result in documents getting into a broken state.

I’d also echo what @GJ_Roelofs said - the best way to raise feedback on changes like this is via our in-chat support, since then you’ll better guarantee that someone sees it.


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