A couple questions

Hey! I was wondering if I could have some help with putting buttons into a table for a schdule to enter zoom classes?
Also how can I make my font size larger😄
and howd you do the days left thing
May 29
Also how di U get these colors into my doc?

Dear @Sophia_Shyer,

Sure willing to support to add buttons to your table, kindly share what you have and the expected outcome.

Coda has limited text options, when you add to your doc the text you want to see bigger, I will advise you if there is any options available.

“Days left” - till today or where in the future? It’s a duration. When clarified, I will show some samples.

Colors, a few days ago I replied to your question does that do the job or you have something else in mind?

I just cant figure out how to put other colors in my doc.

Dear @Sophia_Shyer,

For some inspiration: :paintbrush: