Handy Global Buttons on the Top Bar

Let’s face it… Coda is not only about word processing (applying text formatting (colors,size,etc) to a text)… it’s by far something more!

Often times while I’m in a particular section, something pops up in my mind (add a task, add a note, add something into another table that is in another section ) and I have to “disrupt/interrupt” my workflow and what I’m doing, switch to that particular section where I can actually do -the other thing- and go back to where I was before…

this is well, not very productive (at least at my speed… :slight_smile: and I guess for many others)

How to speed up things?

Introducing a Used Define Button Area that works for the whole Doc.

You could rethink the Top Bar and find a space to insert a certain number of buttons that run actions (add rows opening a dialog, perform certain actions to specific tables, run atuomation, external actions etc…)

Other that that you could also associate custom shortcuts to that buttons and Coda will push the productivity to another level :slight_smile:

Attached a couple of proposals as food for thought for the product team! :slight_smile: