Floating Buttons

We’re using Coda to create a research document, where each tab is the real-time notes from user interviews. We want to add key insights from each interview as we go. We’ve tried adding buttons to the top and bottom of a given notes template, which we duplicate before heading into a new interview. However in the middle of a long interview, it’s hard to scroll and quickly click a button to add the insight.

It would be great if buttons could float in a header or footer space of a document, so that you can take the button action anywhere as you scroll through a large block of text.


a big :+1: from me, having a table or box that we could essentially add a position:fixed css tag to would be amazing. or have a section of the file menu allocated to a user defined control panel.


Yes please.
I thought about it too yesterday after the 100th time I needed to scroll up my long page just to push a button.

Not really a solution, but you can now open a Coda doc in multiple tabs. You can extract one tab in a separate window and keep the button positioned in view there, and use another tab to actually fill in the template.


Would like this too! To add a searchable keyword, Google calls these “floating action buttons” or “fabs” and it would be awesome to have those.

Essentially, each page could have a different configurable fab associated with it. Most of the time I try to make pages action specific, this would help reinforce that norm and would prevent me from having to have multiple copies of the same button all over the page.