Mobile widget and buttons

Hey there! More and more I would need a quick way to add data to Coda from my phone.
I’m on Android and the loading time of a doc on Chrome + the Ux makes me feel that it’s currently not the best convenient way to push quick notes and ideas to my documents.

I could make a zapier and add ideas from other platforms and I’ll do this for now.

But when you’ll launch the Android app, I would love a way to quick add data to Coda docs via widgets.

What I’m thinking now is that a Coda widget could be a panel layout in which you can add customised buttons or only buttons that would be the widgets. When pressing on a specific button it opens a custom popup (not opening the doc) in which you can enter and validate data.

What do you think of this?


With the plug-and-play nature of Coda docs, I think Android widgets makes complete sense… It could even be a special page type you create and maintain through any interface (web or otherwise), that can then be loaded as a widget.



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