Mobile widget and buttons

Hey there! More and more I would need a quick way to add data to Coda from my phone.
I’m on Android and the loading time of a doc on Chrome + the Ux makes me feel that it’s currently not the best convenient way to push quick notes and ideas to my documents.

I could make a zapier and add ideas from other platforms and I’ll do this for now.

But when you’ll launch the Android app, I would love a way to quick add data to Coda docs via widgets.

What I’m thinking now is that a Coda widget could be a panel layout in which you can add customised buttons or only buttons that would be the widgets. When pressing on a specific button it opens a custom popup (not opening the doc) in which you can enter and validate data.

What do you think of this?


With the plug-and-play nature of Coda docs, I think Android widgets makes complete sense… It could even be a special page type you create and maintain through any interface (web or otherwise), that can then be loaded as a widget.




Resurrecting this thread - a Coda widget would still be great. In addition to what’s mentioned above, even a doc link on the homescreen widget would be valuable. Reason is, Coda takes a while to authenticate, load the last used doc or doc browser, navigate to new doc. Being able to jump straight to the doc/section I’m looking for would save me a lot of time as I’m using 2+ docs daily on my phone.

An example of this feature in the wild is Chrome’s “Add to homescreen” option, where you can add any webpage as an icon on the homescreen.


Yes please, yes, resurrect this post!


Yes, please!

Evernote does this beautifully and it is the only thing keeping me from migrating from it.

I also would like to add my support for this feature.

A widget would be awesome for super quickly capturing ideas, thoughts and to do’s

But even having the ability to add separate docs to the home screen would increase Coda’s usability a lot.


Adding a plus one to this…

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Me too +

It’s Sept 2021…any movement on this? for the first time, i have Notion envy, and it doesn’t feel good.

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Hi all, we’re currently working on a complete rebuild of our core editor which will enable more scenarios, including extensibility into mobile. It’s for sure on our radar, it’s just a matter of order of operations to get the foundational criteria up and running!

That said, for the latest on feature releases on Coda, we will make announcements at the next Coda Block Party. We highly encourage our Makers to attend this virtual event!


Yes, please!!!

Even just the ability to put a single button on your Android home screen (or iOS now that they have widgets) would be so powerful and helpful (eg, habit tracking).

A text field alongside the button would allow so much goodness (eg, add a task).

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+1 for this.

I find coda’s mobile interface difficult / way too small for most of what I use coda for.

That said, even being able to drop a shortcut onto my Home Screen to a table for data entry or a report for viewing would be very useful.


Yes please. I’ve been contemplating switching to coda from notion but the mobile experience hasn’t met my expectations so far.

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@marcusqwj Having had my whole world in Notion and switching to Coda I can tell you that any apprehension you have in switching will quickly go away when you see what all Coda can do. I had been a Notion user since it came out and was hitting a wall with what I wanted to do vs. what it could do and so I began looking at options. Coda seemed too good to be true at first but then I found out that it was even better than I imagined. Paired with this community of makers and the unbeatable customer support, you will find that Coda is leaps and bounds above anything else. Please reach out if you would like some help getting started or suggestions on how I transitioned. I am always happy to help.


Has anyone done a successful workaround to this on mobile? I’ve been looking for a “quick capture” button/widget for years. I do see one of the new Todo docs (from the contest) has this via tweet DM, but I’m not a Twitter fan and don’t use it. I’m happy to use zapier but figured I’d ask here in case someone came up with something clever and I don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

I did get a zapier shortcut once w/ google assistant, but it really felt sluggish (“Ok google”->“Talk to Zapier”->“Add a task”->“[task]”). On my ageing android that didn’t feel very “quick”.

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This is a MUST. Notion has it, Airtable has it, a lot of apps have shortcuts nowadays. In 3+ years Coda does not, and yet the say Coda allows you to make “docs that work like apps”?

  • What sort of app makes me open another app to launch it?
  • What app does not let me launch it from my home screen?
  • What app requires me open another app, press a back button, go back to a central dashboard all in order to open it?

It’s been a year since this message. Any progress?

Honestly, I’m in love with Coda formulas and all the complex filters they allow me to setup. BUT after using it for a long-ish time, I’m really disappointed that truly BASIC features are still missing.