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Long shot here, but I want to be able to add notes a to a doc quickly. In my coda doc, I have a “add note” button that opens a model and I can add my notes.

What I’d really like is a shortcut of some kind so I can add a note outside of coda. For example, a chrome extension that opens the model in it own contained window - that would be ideal.

Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be done?

Hi @Wayne_Simpson1,

i would try to achieve that with a pack or a third party service. You can try bubble for example.


on android, i use MacroDroid to do this.

a macro pops up a dialog, i enter my note and tap a button, and the macro uses the Coda API to add my note as a row to a coda table.

there are many other options on android, iphone, windows etc, that can be used to do something similar.

the key is understanding how to insert rows into a coda table using the API or you could use google application script.


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