Easiest way to add rows on mobile

Ever since I started using Coda, I have found it cumbersome to create new table rows on the go. The Coda mobile app leaves much to be desired (although it has gotten a lot better), and I’ve always just wanted to figure out a way to capture new content quickly on my phone.

Enter: Siri Shortcuts!

Simply create a published form for your Coda table on your computer. Then, create a Shortcut with only a single step for “Open URL” in Safari. Then paste in the form link, and voila! Now you can put that Shortcut button on your home screen or lock screen (or action button for those with a new iPhone Pro) and you have quick access to add content to any of your tables instantly.

This may seem really obvious, but it was one of those “ah-ha” moments for me! And I thought that maybe someone else out there needed to hear it.