Add new rows from inline on page/canvas

When you write on a page or canvas, lets say a meeting note, or anything really, you might need to add a task, or do some other type of action that in Coda terms means to add a new row in a table. This happens to me very often.

In some note and task managers there’s a possibility to add stuff inline. I really think this possibility will suits Coda well.

An easy way to implement this, could be to make a command “/+”. This command followed by the table or view name triggers to open the default layout for that table with a new row. When you close the layout, you’re back to writing again.

Another way to implement it, is by making it possible to “press” an existing button inline. Let’s say that writing “@@” and a button name, triggers the action for that button. This might be another suggestion in it self, as it will opens a new world of shortcuts.

I really think that the possibility to adding new rows as you write, will be an important step of improving.

Would be neat but in the meantime this post by @Dan_Barak might be something for you!