Add rows inline, why no interest?

A while ago I postet a suggestion, but so fare no votes. So I’m just curious to hear why this is not appealing to others, and what you do instead.

Right now I was writing a note from a phone call, and and I needed to add a new person to my contact database. So I have to interrupt my note writing and jump over to another page to add the contact. Then back. My suggestion is to have a way to add rows inline while writing. A shortcut like “/+” can open a search box for tables/view. After selection, you start to write the text for the display column inline for the new row,. Then Coda adds the row and the link to this row.

What do you think? Do you use other techniques instead?

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My notes/ meeting tables have a lookup for people. So if I need a new person, I simply add it in the column. (Add new values is switched on.)

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Yes, that’s a functional work around for contacts. Still it will be a non-consistent column if i don’t use it every time., which is a challenge. I could also have a “Add contact” somewhere on the page…
Thanks anyway!

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