Add 500 rows by one click

One by one click image is too slowly and mechanically ,repetitive.

Suggest :Add 500 Rows or customize rows by one click button function


Or you can just make yourself a button e.g.

Sequence(1, 500).FormulaMap(

(also you can just hit Enter instead of pressing the blue button. Or copy a piece of text with 500 line breaks and paste it in Coda table)


It works fine. Thanks.

Dear Paul,

Great sample :large_orange_diamond:

Many of us, including myself are so used to get “everything” already fixed for you, that we have become lazy to create ourselves a solution and enjoy the positive energy. The above sample of Paul is a good example.

This is still for me the main reason why I love Coda so much, “everything” is possible and “nothing” is possible.

Personal opion based on my life experience:

I am from the Netherlands and moved about 25 years ago to Bulgaria. ( Eastern Europe former “East Block” country) One of the things I admire from people in this region that many of them have well developed skills to find solutions on subjects where 90% of the people will give up.

Although I don’t know Paul personal, I am sure the will power and creativity is in his genes

Thank you :handshake:


I’m not good at writing formulas. :joy:
But I believe Coda can do that with button action.
That’s why I ask for on community.