Use @ to create a new row from anywhere

When typing anywhere in a Coda doc, you can type “@” and then select from a list of all rows across all tables in the document. That’s excellent! But what if a row for the item you want to @-mention doesn’t exist yet? It would be marvelously useful to type “@” and type the name of the item-to-be, and the list (which knows the item doesn’t exist) offers “Create new row in…” and then it lists all the tables. Clicking (or down-arrowing and hitting Enter on) one of the tables adds your text as a new row and links it to that row.

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Hi David,

What works well for me, is to start out from the other side.

I have a single table, called dbThoughts. The table has thought types, say tasks, projects, meetings, ideas. When I create a new row, I select a thought type.

Everything else is just views with filters: tasks, projects, etc.

I have also started creating “complex” thought types, for example Functional Design Document. In this case, a new row would copy a FDD template into a canvas column, from where the doc can be completed.

It’s just a ramble,
Rambling Pete.

I appreciate the reply, but I may have not been clear enough in my post. You know how when you type text inside a list/select column, and it shows options you can select but it also allows you to create a new option? I’d like to apply that same logic to @-mentioning, which also shows a list of items but doesn’t allow you to create a new one. You can only @-mention an existing item. I’d like to be able to create a new item (ie, row in a table) while @-mentioning. Does that make it clearer?

By the way, I have also used your single-table approach, and I also called them Thoughts. :slight_smile: For me it was because I used TheBrain before discovering Coda.

Interesting, I used TheBrain for quite a while. It looks like they have also gone very far with that tool. I really enjoyed the ability to have the graphical links. Maybe one day in Coda…

What I meant is that you stop using pages, and do everything in the table. Literally everything.