Add new row (without the button)


I am new to and try to rebuild my existing world into coda…
So what I am searching for is a possibility to create new rows from outside (without the botton)

Szenario from capacities… work like this…

  1. type some content (everywhere) and then [[Person/Mike Meyer]] will create a new row in the table Person with the name Mike Meyer

  2. in tana… just type an then mark a text and assign #Person supertag to a text, then a new object pf type #Person will be created…

coda somehow assumes, that I have to got to the table and press the button for creating new objectss…

can some expert helpme?

Hi @Blue_Cat and welcome to the community.
Currently there are 3 ways to create rows in a coda table :slight_smile:

  1. By clicking directly in the table to add a row
  2. By using a button anywhere
  3. By using an automation that will trigger and run action, including row creation

But automation case are limited to row changed :

  • as a reaction to something happening inside a table
  • time based, with a given time step
  • Form submission
  • webhook

Please other expert tell me if i’m wrong (mainly about webhook ?) but what I think is that coda currently can’t watch any action in your page and react like that to any event or action inside a page or a canva.

You always need to use one of the 3 ways to create row.

Maybe some pack with API can watch your dog and do stuffs : @Scott_Collier-Weir / @Paul_Danyliuk ?



Thanx Quentin

so really not direct posibility. I am surprised, thought it is just something simple I just do not know.

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