Rich Text Boxes

Hey there, fellow Coda enthusiasts! I’m reaching out to share a feature request that I’m quite surprised hasn’t been implemented yet—the inclusion of a rich textbox inside a document. This handy UI element would allow users to compose multi-line formatted text, going beyond the limitations of the current text type.

I get that there are some ways around it, like using table rows instead of those fancy rich text boxes. But here’s the thing: those workarounds have their own limitations. For example, you gotta double-click on the element just to start typing, which can be a hassle. And to make matters worse, you can’t even put a table inside a callout. Talk about a lack of flexibility, right?

After giving it some thought, I truly believe that adding support for rich text boxes would be a game-changer! It’d make the whole Coda experience so much better and boost its power and flexibility to a whole new level. I’m really hoping this enhancement becomes a reality soon!