Simple Tables with Format Options


I just started using Coda and it is great!
I’m loving how flexible and powerful tables are.

Having said that, it would be great to have an option of a regular table. One that can be formatted with merged cells, columns, style headings, etc. Kind of like a table in Word.
It would be great also for creating tables with formulas inside. If this could be paired with charts, I think it would be very powerful.

I’m suggesting this because I wanted to create a document with a simple chart with three calculated values. I had to revert to using a bullet list with formulas to show my data.

Hope this is useful!

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Hi, I concur this would be very useful. I use the Rich Text field for meetings, and it would be great to have a more full-functioned table where you could color headings, and grow the table quickly. I am interested in simply this table as a Rich Text element in tables in particular, but would be useful in Sections as well.