Hide Table from List for relations? Or at least allow re-using Title

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First off, I’m familiar with the thread here Simple Tables with Format Options - #6 by Donald_Sipe regarding “simple” tables in Coda. And I’m also aware that despite having a LOT of votes from the community, it doesn’t seem to be getting any attention from the devs, at least yet.

So, as a temporary workaround, I can obviously just use the “advanced” tables for “simple” purposes. This presents two problems for me right now though. One, is that titles have to be unique still. If I’m going to be stuck having to have a lot of one-off tables around that aren’t used for relationships, there’s a good chance that I’m eventually going to run into a title collision. I get that titles are supposed to be unique to ease use in relations, but again, if this is a one-off table then I just want to be able to title it whatever I want and use it.

Second, is there some way to “hide” a table from showing up in the list for relations and such? Again, if I’m going to end up having a load of one-off tables cluttering up the place, then when I go to actually make a relation column, I’m going to have a lot of “junk” tables in the list that I have to sift through to find the one I actually want.

Something to solve one or both of these would at least make the lack of “simple” tables a bit easier to deal with. I’m just surprised that they still aren’t a thing. Seems like loads of people, including devs at Coda would be missing the ability to just make a table without it having to be a full “fancy” table.


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Agreed, my team often create ‘simple’ tables within one of our main docs and it’s quite a pain to have to sift through so many of them to find what i’m after.

One kinda workaround to this is to the us prefixes for the master versions of your ‘relation’ tables, I have them as “DB-xxx” for the tables to be referenced and “XDB-xxxx” for tables to be referenced but containing constants or select list type data (that distinction may not be relevant for you).
Then at least when you scroll through you can get to the group of tables you need quite quickly.

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hi @Michael_Forsman , you mention a well known issue within larger docs and as @Evan_Price1 suggests, using prefixes like xx-db (or z then they show up last in your list) will ease the pain. The main question is however if all these tables should live in one doc.

I tend to keep my docs as small as possible and (try to) give each doc a single task. I pull in data from other docs or push data from a source doc. This will limit the table volume in your doc.

I don’t use cross docs, but a webhook (pack for free) to push data around, see the article below. One table can be filled out from various source docs.

Cheers, Christiaan

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