Coda Buttons in Browser Toolbar

I’d love it if the chrome browser extension would allow me to add some coda buttons into my chrome toolbar (just below the page URL). This would allow us to access frequently used buttons while browsing or working in non-coda pages.

If there is a feature or way to set up something in coda that serves a similar function, I’d love to know what it is.

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If you have a button outside a Coda doc - it is not going to “know” in which of your docs to execute.

@Piet_Strydom ,
How do you envision a Coda button outside a Coda doc?

I could see it as very useful

Suppose you have several projects and want to bookmark URLs applicable to each as you surf the web.

A button could be configured to be specific to a particular document/table and then add the URL to the applicable table when pressed.

In truth you could probably achieve the same result with the Zapier “Push” button as a Chrome extension - though something integrated with Coda would be even nicer.

Hi Joost

I spend 90% of my working time in a single doc, so do not need something like this. I also do not see how this would work. A Coda button exists in the context of a doc, or a table inside a doc .

If I needed click access from a browser toolbar, I would put the URL link in “favorites”, or configure a button on the new page screen of the browser.


You can do this using the chrome extension.