Launched: Search your doc list from the Google Chrome URL bar

Starting today, the Coda Google Chrome Extension has a new super power: You can search your docs directly from the Chrome URL bar!

If you’ve installed the Coda Google Chrome Extension (available here), simply toggle on the setting to “Search for Docs.”

Once enabled, any time you type Coda followed by a space or tab in your URL bar, Chrome will automatically search your doc list. Thanks for our updates to doc search last summer, your queries will return results that match doc titles, page titles and doc text!

Learn more about the free Coda Google Chrome Extension in our Help Center or the Chrome webstore.


Hi @nigel ,
This is definitely very productive! :+1: :+1:

Thanks a lot, guys!


Cool! :smile: :smiley: :laughing:

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Oh ! Very Nice :grin: :tada: !!!

Thank you very much for this add-on :grin: :+1: !!!

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Seems like a great feature!

On a side note, the chrome extension opens to “” which results in a “Page not found” error in coda…

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Thank you for flagging! We’re working on deploying a fix shortly.

Hi Tommy, thanks for the report. This is fixed in version 1.4.10 which Google just approved. It should auto-update for you.


This is pretty underwhelming - the Notion web clipper extension is excellent, could you not do something like that?


This is very cool.

Do you have it on your roadmap to improve ability to paste images into table cells? Common use cases include screenshot from clipboard, image copied from Slack.

As a designer it is very hard to track visual bugs in Coda as there are very few ways to add an image that doesn’t involve saving the image somewhere first.

I would also love it if you could build an Invision pack where we can paste a URL to a prototype screen and that screen appear dynamically in a Coda table - at the moment we can only post URLs in a table cell or static images. Unfortunately in Invision the image URL changes each time a prototype screen is updating so I can’t even do it by hunting out the image URL from source code…

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We definitely need some integrations like this. One thing that is worthy of note is the Figma pack integration that allows you to track updates to design components in a Coda table - obviously not enough to move a whole design team over, but may be useful in some contexts.

Hi Jasmine, we are definitely looking at improving the overall pasting experience, particularly for URLs. Have you tried right-clicking the image you want to save and selecting “copy image”. Then paste into a cell – it should pickup the image contents and save them directly in Coda. Depending on the source website, you may also be able to drag-drop the image directly into a cell.


Hi @Michael_Pilgrim, thanks for your patience! We just launched the ability to bookmark any webpage into any Coda table!

It’s a first step to the browser extension capabilities you’ve all mentioned in the Community. We’re excited to continue exploring all the possibilities and would love to get your feedback here as well.