Launched: Improvements to Search in Coda!

Historically, indexing limitations meant that the results when searching your Coda docs weren’t as comprehensive as we’d have liked. Unless you or your teammates remembered the name of the doc, or pinned a doc to a folder, we know this made finding the right doc less than ideal in Coda:

For example, my team knows we have docs with the word “Jedi” in them, but in the original Coda search, weren’t able to find them:

Starting today, we hope that’s no longer a challenge.

We’ve completed a comprehensive set of updates designed to provide better indexing of docs for Coda-backed workspacesーmaking sure you can search doc titles, page titles and doc text from the search bar on the doc list and in the Doc Gallery. As an added bonus for publishers in our Doc Gallery: this should improve SEO for discoverable docs!

Here’s what that same search looks like now:

We plan to continue refining & iterating on the actual rankings of your search results over the coming days as well, so stayed tuned as your searches return an even more relevant set of docs.

As noted above, this update only applies to Coda-backed workspaces. If your team workspace is still backed by Google Drive, you should be able to access similar search capabilities by searching within Google Drive. (Find out whether your workspace is backed by Google Drive or Coda by following the instructions here.)

In addition to indexing more of your docs’ contents, you might notice some changes to how you see and interact with search results:

  1. Matching search terms have a different color when they are in titles or body text
  2. For doc title matches, clicking on the search result will open the doc from where you last left off
  3. For page title matches, clicking on the search result will take you to the matching page
  4. For page text matches, clicking on the search result will take you to the page with the matching content

Note: In some cases, you may see a doc in the search results with no highlighted match. In these cases, the match is a page title.

We’ve also updated some “quick searches” in your doc list and folders. When viewing a list of docs, you can click the options under the “+ New Doc” button to quickly sort the docs to show your most recently Modified, Created or Viewed docs.
Image 2020-08-12 at 5.04.12 PM

We hope these updates to search with Coda make it even easier and faster for you and your teammates to find the docs you’re looking for so you can spend less time searching and more time making!


Is it possible to switch an existing workspace from Google Drive to Coda on the backend?

Admins can confirm whether their workspace has the Google Drive integration turned on or off by following the instructions here:

If you’d like to change your setting, there is a link to contact the members of our team who can facilitate a transition for you.

backlink is also for search function. Does it have plan to develop backlink ?

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Steve, always good to see you supporting this request. I too reupped my chatter about it of late, in particular over here:

Per @Anthony_Yam, I too would be curious if @Al_Chen_Coda would be willing to weigh in, as Al’s assertion that Coda was working on this is about 15 months old at this point. Would really be a breakthrough feature!

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@ABp I think Coda will not add bi-directional link. Coda is not note taking app.

That would be a shame. I think the use cases for Backlinks are much wider than note-taking. My uses are all in Team Mgmt, Feature Prioritization, Feedback & Discovery, etc. I continue to think this would be game-changing for Coda and without it, Coda will be missing a piece that a lot of other tools that are used for Product Management have.

Just look at this post re: Roam & Product Management - this is not your average college student trying to prepare for an exam!

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