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Hey everyone,

I would like to use the search to search all my files, including the text inside the files. Today I have to search each file manually.

Also I can’t find the search file feature inside the app.

I really like Coda but a slow and weak search is a deal breaker for me.


Hey Yair, welcome to the community!

Search kinda works if you search in Google Drive:

Contrary to popular belief, Coda docs are NOT stored on your Google Drive. However, Coda is integrated with Google Drive indexing and search.

I agree that Coda needs better search within itself. But this is a workaround that you may use meanwhile.

Thank you so much for this answer.
I’m afraid it’s not enough for me. The finalists for my Note taking app are Evernote or Notion.

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Yeah, Notion is probably better than Coda if you’re primarily after note taking. Coda is more about making interactive structured-data-driven docs (e.g. something that you would otherwise do in Sheets).

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Can we please get “global search of the content inside all my documents I can access” added to the feature roadmap? Notion just did a major update to their search which is really impressive.

Event a basic global search would be very helpful. Coda’s for making documentation right? Searching just the titles of the documentation is a major limit.

We’re looking at documenting operating procedures, code, projects, etc for my business. Drive Search doesn’t actually search the contents inside as we might not remember “which project from 1 year ago had that bug fix we need now”

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I also wonder why this basic functionality is missing from coda yet. This is one of the primary features that our team badly needs too.

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