Global Search: Search All Content in All Docs

We’ve got tons of documentation built in coda but you need to remember exactly which doc to search to find something in the content. I loved coda for docs at the start but now my team is having a hard time finding what they need in the docs due to “documentation fragmentation”

Why I Expected Search
It seems a pretty glaring omission as stated on the project’s home page “For years, our teams have been split across documents, spreadsheets, and apps. Time to bring us back together.”

I completely agree, and love the implementation, but if I can’t find some content or detail easily, my documents are not “together”.

Requested Feature
Global search for all my documents is available in Notion, Google Drive / Suite, Confluence, Etc. Fancy faceted search would be nice, but all we need is a simple flat text search linking to the right section of the right doc.

Work around tried
The “search in your google drive” hack only works if you’re the owner of the document so isn’t viable for a team.


I wonder why this basic functionality is missing from coda. Completely second the words of @Aidan_Foster

This is one of the primary features that our team badly needs too. Is there any possibility of giving this a higher priority?

My manager wants to cancel our new subscription over this!

Any updates on this from the folks at coda? Is search on your radar at all?

Given we can search in 1 doc I don’t really see how “all docs” is a major technical implementation.

Coda’s great as a “tool builder” but lack of search makes it pretty lousy for documentation when compared to notion, google docs, confluence, everynote, etc.

Like @Ian_Brown we’re going to end up needing to migrate all our docs to somewhere that’s searchable.

I also would be happy with a “pack” to tie into someone else’s search engine.

Hey all, this isn’t an official announcement (watch this space!) but we’re currently working on some big updates to our search experience.

For some inside baseball the challenge has been indexing our entire corpus of documents securely and only giving you search results from the docs you’re allowed to view. Not that other products hadn’t solved that problem, but it meant it wasn’t a quick fix :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll have something to share very soon.


Thanks. Knowing it’s on the development feature lists helps appease the team’s complaints.

:slight_smile: Launched: Improvements to Search in Coda!

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