Slack app that searches Coda docs

Hi there!

We’re building our a wiki for our team of 125 people on Coda.

One of the functionalities that knowledge base tools like Guru and Outline offers is the ability to search for information right from Slack. Obviously, Coda does way more than those tools, but this kind of search is something that would make our adoption of Coda a lot stronger.

Has anyone built their own custom Slackbot for Coda that allows for this? Or have insight on how this could be done?

Our ideal scenario would be able to have a / command that would allow us to search the contents of any Coda docs a user has access to. This is essentially the same thing as the Outline Slack app does.

Thanks all!

Hi @Jordan_Axani,

That sounds like it would be a great feature!

I’ve heard this come up before, but we don’t have anything currently in the works for it. The description sounds pretty straight forward, but if you have any screenshots of what or how you’d like to see this, that would be great to see in this thread as well.

Awesome! It would be a wonderful addition to the Slackbot if possible! Here’s a couple examples of what a similar functionality looks like in other products.

To make the case a bit more…

There are millions of Slack-heavy businesses that struggle with having a team knowledge base/intranet/internal tools easily within reach (like us). Coda is an awesome platform for so much, and easy access for those employees that aren’t in Coda all day everyday (like our frontline staff) would drive so much more adoption and usage. Hope this is something that can be done in the future!

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I would echo this request. We have been building our intranet / knowledge base in Coda for our organization, The search is fantastic, but our team members live more in other tools like Slack and GMail. It would be great to search a specific doc (or all docs) and get the same type of search results as you would in the doc (and click through to the right place in the doc).

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Boom! That’s what I’m talking about @Jim_Holincheck. It would be so handy!

Coda, just expose a search endpoint and we makers will take care of the rest.

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