Launched: Ready, set, bookmark! All from your Chrome Extension

In January, my teammate Nigel announced the ability to search your doc list from your URL bar and the Coda Google Chrome Extension has since continued to grow. Starting today, you can bookmark webpages and comments directly to any Coda table in any Coda doc!

Found a great birthday present for a friend? An amazing movie you’d like to watch later? A long article about net revenue retention you’ll read later? Now you just click on the Coda icon in your Chrome bar and pick the document, table, and column to send the page link and comments to.

Check out how a few Codans are bookmarking:

We know how important a seamless browser extension experience is for you and this is just the beginning . As we continue exploring browser extension opportunities, we’d love to hear your feedback.


Damn, I don’t know ANY other dev team that release so much features that the community asks for. Thanks so much! For that feature, my last wish is to be able to bookmark on mobile too. :pray:


Interesting, is that feature for free?

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Yes, this is available from the Chrome Store for everyone.


I’ve been trying Edge out lately, lets you use chrome extensions but doesn’t seem to let you get bookmarks setup, nothing happens when you click setup (works fine in chrome of course). Any plans to release the extension on microsoft’s extension list? I’ll use chrome for now

Hi! I am using Edge too and here everything is running ok. Can you take some screenshots to help us understand what’s happening?


Clicking setup doesn’t do anything for me. In chrome it went to setup and let me select the table I want and so on, I am logged in.

This is incredible! Thank you for this awesome tool.

Did you try to reset the computer or close and remove all the browser tasks and reopen again? Sounds like a simple miss behavior from Edge, but if doesn’t works, it could be in Coda’s end.

Unreal! Awesome! Was missing this key feature to fully switch from Trello and Evernote for task and bookmark captures!



I agree, this is absolutely brilliant!

I have been waiting, and the wait was worthwhile. Much better than other web-clippers I have used.

Now to CODA - not to sound ungrateful - but…

Is it possible to add a field for user-input? E.g. Topic. And sub topic…?

But so far this is already awesome.


That is terrific news about a new feature. I look forward to experimenting with it. Any future ideas on how to improve it? I would love for it to take a snapshot of the content along with the URL as content on the web is fleeting.

You guys are AMAHHHZING! This is fantastic! Any idea when you’ll roll out an extension for Firefox (sitting here crossing my fingers!)

This is amazing news and a great start!!

Here are my suggestions going forward:

  1. Add pictures from the browser extension. For example in the Zapier Extension I can just copy the picture link from a picture, add it into a field and its in my databse. This is really important because I have many visual databases like art, architecture, plants, products, and more.

  2. Now I have 1 text field and 1 URL Field, which is a good start. It would be great to fill in all fields I have in database directly from the extension. Any text fields but even look up fields. Entering in all data into my bases without having to open the doc.

  3. Starring the most used cases of enterting in data. Not searching through every tables to get to the table I want but to have my favorites at the top to enter in really fast. Also even have configured fields. For example already have set a lookup field to a certain type for that favorite.

Thank you guys! you are doing a great job.


Hi, @Zack_Aman.
When I try to access my bookmarks I get this message below:
“Refresh your API key for bookmarks.”
I click on the refresh link but nothing happens.

Do you know how I can fix this?


I second this. Specifically the third part. Having quick buttons for different kinds of data would be incredibly useful.

Maybe I want to send youtube videos to one table, while I send Interesting websites to another for example. And maybe those two things require two different kinds of field inputs.

That would turn this tool into something I use all the time. Current chrome bookmark solutions are inadequate and cause my bookmarks to become very cluttered.

Great job, keep pushing the envelope on productivity tools.

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Ya no luck, not so worried about it. Will use chrome if I need to use that feature, thanks for the help

Awesome! How do I setup that left Card column?

AMAZING :tada::partying_face: This is a key feature that will take Coda to the next level!

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This is is indeed awesome!
I’ve been struggling with bookmarks as I wanted more control with sorting, tagging and cross linking.

Of course this could be further developped, my wishlist would be in priority order:

  1. Description - an optional field to add my description beyond page title. I know I can change the title before saving, but keeping it helps also with organization
  2. Screenshot image of the page - Sometime I need a visual reminder to remember a site/service
  3. Optional Tagging column with ability to select the tag table (or use a Select list with values in-table)