Any best practices and tips for managing bookmarks inside coda?

Is there a way to import/export bookmarks?

Hi @Fran_Vidicek , thanks for reaching out and happy to help here. Can you please clarify if you’re looking to import/export bookmarks from your browser into a Coda table, or something else? If so, what browser are you using? Look forward to hearing back.

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Yeah I was looking to import bookmarks into Coda. I use Vivaldi Browser. I know how to export bookmarks from the browser into a .html file. But is that of any use in Coda? Can you actually import them into coda and what would that look like organization wise?

But being able to export the bookmarks back to my browser once I add more of them would be amazing.

Thanks for following up @Fran_Vidicek . At this time, we do not support importing or exporting .HTML files except for possibly using a 3rd Party Pack. That said, we’re happy to formally track your vote for this potential feature.

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Hell yeah, coda as a bookmark managing solution… count me in.
Is there a specific pack you are referring to? I just looked up packs and saw, I might try that.

Honestly I don’t even remember why I wanted my bookmarks in coda, raindrop should be fine.

Edit 2:
I take that back. I can’t even create a sub-folder there without paying. But I wouldn’t be able to do that in coda either, now that I’m thinking about it… so my default bookmarks manager will be the best option for now.

Haha :laughing: no worries on not remembering your original need/want for this. I’ve gone ahead and tracked a feature request for you to allow exporting to other types of files in Coda. Thanks again for raising this!

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I found this thread by googling as I too had the thought to use coda for managing -team- bookmarks.

I would think being able to output a given page to html would be helpful.

Be great too to send bookmarks directly to a coda page from a (mobile) browser would be super useful.

There are no good team solutions for sharing and editing bookmarks…

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