Javascript Tutorial for Building Packs

Good Morning! What Javascript tutorial would you recommend for those of us makers interested in building packs? I would pay for a tutorial that specifically addressed the Coda packs builder. I look forward to your feedback.


Hey there! I had no coding background whatsoever before building packs, but have since built a couple of successful packs after doing the following:

  • Bought a year subscription to Codecademy - I think this was useful. I honestly spent a grand total of 4 hours on their courses, but I think it necessary to get the basic syntax, language, and structure of Javascript (if you don’t have that already). Essentially, if you cant distinguish between a {} and [] and when to use "," vs ";" you won’t get too far.
  • Start tinkering around and buidling simple packs and use the resources Coda has provided! - There are a ton linked when you start making a pack (see screenshot below)


Thank you so much Scott. I appreciate the feedback.

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I could make a quick tutorial series on making Packs if anyone really wants one but honestly the first party documentation from Coda is quite robust. Combined with a basic knowledge of JS (I recommend, you should have enough to get started.


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