Webinar next week: Building Packs with the CLI

I love that you can start building a Pack for Coda in seconds using pack.new and the Pack Studio. It’s been instrumental in opening the ecosystem to those that are new to coding or just don’t do it regularly.

However many powerful features await those brave enough to wander into the shadowy realm of The Command Line. The Pack CLI (command line tool) is an alternative way to build Packs that lets you test you code locally, check it in to GitHub, and write tests to ensure it works as planned.

Next week I’ll be hosting a webinar to explore what the Pack CLI has to offer, how to set it up and use it, and how to leverage it to create better Packs. Sign up using the link below.


Getting the CLI set up sucks a bit, but once you’ve got it going, it unlocks a lot of possibilities! I like it for organizing code into multiple files, and the ability to import existing libraries from NPM (a bunch of great packs could be made that are basically just interfaces that let you use a particular NPM package’s features in Coda).

Definitely check this out if you’re into making Packs.


That’s great Eric! I’ve use the CLI to develop all my Packs and it is great :slight_smile:

One thing maybe you can include is talking about NVM to manage different Node version? Most of the time folks run into problems because of versions, and being able to have different ones installed solves most of them.