Shared Pack source code helps build more effective solutions and a stronger maker community

Sharing is caring. And when Pack makers publish their code, sharing is also a recipe for faster building, more custom solutions, and a stronger community.
With today’s launch, Pack makers are now able to share a Pack’s source code within their workspace or publish it for the whole community to build on. Here’s how it helps:

  • No need to start from scratch. When a Pack maker opts to share their code, others can view and even copy that code from the Pack’s Gallery listing page. It provides inspiration, a jumping-off point, and serves as a reference for new makers.
  • Build more effective solutions. Makers can customize that Pack code to fit individual team needs—even if the scenario is too niche for a Pack of its own.
  • Grow your brand. Contributing your code to the community allows others to build highly-specialized solutions on top of your Pack. We expect this will lead to richer conversations with fellow community members and help you get your name out as an influential Pack maker.
    You can access source code through the Pack’s listing page and use it to start a new Pack by clicking Make a copy.

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To share your source code, click share in Pack Studio and toggle Share source code on. If your Pack is published to the Gallery, anyone will be able to see your source code through the listing page. For unpublished Packs, only makers you’ve shared the Pack with will be able to see your source code.

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Happy making!


Amazing! There is so much to learn from other pack makers, and this really helps :clap::clap::clap:


It’s like Masterclass but for Pack making. Well done!



Web editor only I assume though, not multi-file (or even single-file CLI) Packs as well right?


That’s correct. We don’t receive code from CLI-built Packs. Based on how folks find this, would love to see how to support CLI-built Packs in the future.


I love this as an added option, what a great way to give packs a try!

Just opened my favorite one up so others can check it out!


I don’t think it’s an urgent need. Right now I open source my CLI-based Packs on GitHub, linking to the repo from the Pack listing or the featured doc. IMO it’s not unreasonable to assume that someone who has set up the CLI could at least download the code from GitHub if not actually clone the repo. Not as magical as this new copy feature, but that’s probably ok.

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This is great! That’s how I learned Coda, by looking at templates and other shared docs. Thank you for making this an option!


Can’t wait to dive into Pack-making as more opensource Packs are added! Learning by copying (publicly available source code and formulas)…one of the most effective ways to learn!

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Thank you so much Coda!

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Holy Sardine :partying_face: !

Being mostly an autodidact, I was just thinking few days ago about how great it would be to be able to access Pack’s source code for learning purposes :grin: … and here we are :partying_face: !!!

This will definitively help me to dig more into Packs than the almost nothing I’ve done so far :blush: !

Thank you so so so very much Dear Codans :raised_hands: !!!


Yah I get that and agree! There’s a few harder pieces we’ll have to figure out for the CLI experience to get right. Loving the enthusiasm for the feature and desire to share - really heartwarming seeing how the community wants to share and collaborate together.


Indeed, and I was just thinking a how great it would be to sell Pack source code to Makers instead of forcing Coda users to rent it. :wink:

I believe there are many cases where code should be openly shared to all, and some cases where code should be included in commerce transactions. One such case is an enterprise that is generally excited to license access to certain Packs but also has a desire to protect its reliance on such solution dependencies. One way to mitigate dependency risks is to also opt for buying the source code.

I think it’s only a matter of time …


Itsy() is one of those Packs that should be openly available to all Makers to do as they please to enhance and explore new possibilities. The source code is amazingly simple; just another validation that the Codans really understand agile architectures. Knock yourselves out - create something worth reading about. :wink:


Is Coda going to be sharing any source code for their packs? I’d love to add on to some like the Shopify pack.


Dear @Courtney_Milligan1 ,

You might have missed this post:

Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets! I saw that post, but interpreted it as only Makers being able to share their pack source code, not necessarily Coda-built packs. I would like to know if packs that Coda has built, like Shopify, will be sharing their source code as well.


that seems a very fair point @Courtney_Milligan1

Hi all! Maggie from Coda’s Success Team here. Courtney you interpreted correctly, the sharing source code feature does not apply to Coda-built Packs but rather any and all Packs built with the Packs Studio.

Although we do not plan to make any changes at this time, good to know that this could have use!

hi @Maggie_Barnes , wouldn’t Coda set a great example by sharing their road map for making their packs open source?
Cheers, Christiaan