Open Sourcing Internal Coda Packs?

Just an idea, not considering the logistics or legal issues that may be involved, but would it be cool to have the internal Coda-developed packs available on a public repository? It may help open up community-submitted improvements that Coda doesn’t have time for.

E.g. for me one top one (which is posted in the forums) would be the ability to add attachments to emails for the GMail pack. Perhaps there would be javascript-savvy people out there who would be willing to submit their own PR’s to accelerate integration of user suggestions.


@Eric_Koleda is this even possible or has it been discussed by the team?

Love this suggestion!

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Hi @Ed_Liveikis - Thanks for the suggestion. This is something we’ve talked about internally, but as you’ve pointed out there are a lot of considerations that make it challenging. While I think we will continue to keep it in the back of our minds, I wouldn’t expect to see this happen in the near term.

Currently the fastest way to fill your Pack needs is to create your own custom Pack that contains the missing functionality, and is used in place of or addition to the existing Pack. That’s particularly challenging with the Gmail Pack however, since Google makes you go through a rigorous certification process to use that API.

We will of course continue to collect feedback from the community of ways to make our Packs more useful and powerful, so keep the specific suggestions coming!


Love this suggestion!
Would you be willing to share some of your pack code - to help us quickstart our own packs?

Are you asking me or Coda?

Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

Asking you, since you seem to be in favor of Coda_hq to share some code, I was wondering if you would do the same.

I see so many postings from you on twitter sharing tips, but they are very basic (that is, for me).

It would really help me to see how you built a pack like your webhooks pack, so I could use that as a start for my own webhook pack with some custom features.

Of course I would respect your intellectual property and honor whatever creative commons license you would call applicable.

I generally illustrate my answers with working source code or a sample doc that is free for anyone interested to copy and use whichever way suits them.


Hi, @joost_mineur.
@Paul_Danyliuk posted a video a few days ago that shows the source code of a Coda Webhook pack that he created.
I tested it myself and it works beautifully.
I’m not posting it here, because, well, it’s not my code.
You can DM me if you need help to get it to work.


Hah, thanks for the shoutout @Breno_Nunes!

Everyone should make themselves a Webhook pack :sweat_smile: It’s basically Hello World but actually useful.


Thank you for letting me know about this!

Thank you so much for sharing this - it works like a charm. I find it hard to build these things from scratch, but working my way through these little samples and making small modifications, I am sure I will get there (someday).