Make coda open source

We currently need a few things and based off of our experience thus far we have very low expectation for the development team to prioritize them to the point they will be implemented.

I would personally put time into pull requests with features I need to improve our coda experience.

I couldn’t disagree more. The Coda team is extremely good at very quickly figuring out what the community needs and implementing it beautifully.


I am happy to hear that your experience has been different.

The community is a collective thing, so when you need features that are not popular they tend to not be prioritized to the point they are developed, hence the original suggestion above.


I get that. I think the likelihood that Coda becomes open source is about the same as Microsoft making Windows open source.

That said, I’ll bet that a general api is fairly high on the wish feature list.

In fact, there are already some ways to use the existing coda api to get data in and out. Have you looked into those?


Yah, I agree on the likelihood. Gitlab seems to manage and I think the complexity of hosting coupled with its relatively low-cost made it seem reasonable to suggest.

The API’s seem great if you want to write a standalone process to work with coda data. I think the best option would be a plugin api similar to what you can find in Figma / AdobeXD so that you can hook in to the framework and add your own functionality. I believe that sort of system is quite a lot of work though, but it would support the non-opinionated design philosophy that I assume is behind coda

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