Launched: Sell Packs in the Gallery. Plus, more access to Packs for every pricing plan

During my first week at Coda in 2018, we introduced Packs in pursuit of one of our core values: to build the building blocks our makers need to succeed. They served as a way to integrate third-party apps into Coda, allowing you to centralize your core toolset.

The original launch was a huge success—but it also illuminated all the new, creative ways our makers wanted to extend the power of their docs. So we set out on a new mission: to hand over the keys for you to build your own building blocks and even your own business on Coda.

Over the past year, we’ve introduced Packs in the Gallery and launched the Pack Studio. I’m excited to share that, nearly four years after the first set of Packs were launched, we’ve fulfilled our mission by giving makers the opportunity to sell their Packs in the Gallery.

For Pack makers: Publish and sell subscriptions to your Packs.

The Pack Studio lets you build Packs, and now the Gallery is fully equipped to monetize on those solutions. Simply publish your Pack through the Pack Studio’s listing section, select the selling price, and connect to Stripe to collect your earnings.

Check out this help article for more information on selling your Packs.

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For makers: Greater access to more Packs for customized solutions.

There’s no need to bend your work to fit a one-size-fits-all solution. Now you can add any individual Pack to your workspace by purchasing it from the Gallery, so you only pay for what you need.

We’ve also expanded the selection of Packs available for workspaces on team and enterprise plans. And you can try any Pack not in your plan for 14 days—at no extra charge.

Ready to explore how the new Pack ecosystem can level up your Coda experience?


Great work, Coda! This is amazing.


So exciting! Can’t wait to see the next generation of businesses built on Coda.


Go with the Packs, Go!! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


Amazing job with this! So excited to see all the cool Packs and integrations that start getting made! :slight_smile:


:speaking_head: Coda said: GAME CHANGER


Finally!!! :tada::tada::tada:

Now I can profit not off those few who are my clients, but all Coda makers :joy:

The New Reinvented Cross-doc incoming in three, two, one…


Incredible milestone! To the moon :rocket::rocket::rocket:


HI @Glenn_Jaume

This is a giant leap forward!

Is there something similar in the pipeline for docs?



So excited for this! Thank you Coda!

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Jokes aside, this is honestly very huge.

The #1 use for the Packs platform is to build connectors to various 3rd party tools. With the marketplace, now there’s going to be an incentive to build even more of those connectors, making Coda a more attractive centerpiece tool to control all the data flows, collect it in a single place, and do analysis on it.

This may even prompt developers to build their own 3rd party tools just for the sake of connecting them to Coda. E.g., one could build their own backend to solve something that can be done neither in Coda nor with a pack alone, and instead of setting up separate payments on the backend, charge for the pack to offset the running costs.


Thank you, Coda, for empowering community and makers! Can’t wait to see new packs available on the marketplace!

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Well that sure is an interesting idea…watch this space


With bated breath… :wink:

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