Join the Packathon for a chance at $20,000 in prizes

Today we announced the general availability of the Pack Studio, opening up Pack building to everyone. We’re incredibly thankful for everyone that participated in the beta program, as your feedback helped us shape and polish the SDK to something we’re incredibly proud of. And if you missed out on the beta don’t worry, now is the perfect time to build your first Pack!

To celebrate the launch we’re hosting the first-ever Coda Packathon. (Well, technically the second, but that was more of a trial run.) It’s a six-week hackathon, open to the public, where you can build Packs for a chance to win prize money (and bragging rights of course).

It’s easy to enter:

  • Register at
  • Build a Pack (whatever you can dream up).
  • Create a Coda doc to show it off (be creative!).
  • Record a short video with a demo.
  • Upload the code somewhere you can share with the judges (GitHub, a Coda doc, etc.).

You can enter as many times as you like, working with a team or on your own.

Now you may be saying “Six weeks? I don’t have that kind of time!” I hear you, and the good news is that it should take far less time than that. It takes minutes to build a Pack from one of our templates, and if you have some experience with JavaScript and APIs you can build the foundation of a Pack in an hour. Think of it more like six potential weekends where you can hack on some Pack code.

We’re so excited to see what everyone builds, and if there is anything we can do to help you along don’t hesitate to ask. Posting questions here to the Coda Community is always fine, but we also created a Discord chat server for the Packathon where Codans and other contestants will be hanging out.

Happy hacking!


Hi, @Eric_Koleda .
Do you know why my home country Brazil and Quebec are in the list of countries that can’t participate in the Packathon?
Hand in hand with North Korea and Iran…

We are not in the list of sanctioned countries bellow:

At least we have Quebec joining us in the axis of evil… :grimacing: Just kidding.

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@Breno_Nunes - Very reasonable question! We are using the Devpost platform to host this hackathon and distribute prizes, and they don’t operate in those regions. From my understanding, for Brazil and Quebec it has to do with stringent laws there around running competitions and distributing prizes. Here’s an article I saw linked to from another hackathon: