🔥 Putting out Fires GTD — my best doc to date

At risk of sounding pretentious here — but let me introduce the doc that I consider my next masterpiece, the most important milestone since the snake game and the tree chart:

:fire: Putting out Fires GTD — a monthly planner in three simple steps :fire:

Step 1. Write out all the tasks:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (4)

Step 2. Prioritize them on the Eisenhower matrix:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (5)

Step 3. Schedule tasks into days with this awesome calendar UI:

ezgif.com-gif-maker (9)

…and finally print the calendar and put it on your desk / wall:

:star_struck: Features and tricks

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  • Replaced default Coda calendar with this custom UI that’s built with a grouped table and some of my signature tricks. :slight_smile: It doesn’t have to be strictly monthly but can show arbitrary six weeks. Also it doesn’t cut off long items, but most importantly — it starts on Monday!

  • Besides, each item on the calendar has contextual actions: clone, move, delete etc.


  • For printing, an entirely different custom HTML-based calendar is rendered. It is more compact and thus perfect for printing and further sketching. And yes, it also starts on Monday.

  • The tasks input (“the brain dump”) is designed to allow for adding any extra context (headers, comments etc) to the text canvas without turning those pieces of text into tasks. Only items that are list lines (bullets, checkboxes, or numbered list items) are going to be converted into nested tasks.


  • Each step comes with an instructional video

  • Lastly, the doc is built to allow localization as easily as it is currently possible with Coda. You don’t have to fish for translatable text pieces in buttons and formulas — all labels are extracted into tables, so it’s easy for you to translate it into your language and share it with your closest ones who don’t know English:

:metal: How to get

This doc is a premium (i.e. paid) template available only for my Patrons.

:point_right: Become a CodaTricks Patron here. Select Serious Tier or up and you’ll get access to your own doc copy.

Not just this template, but you’ll also get access to much more exclusive content (docs, tutorials, insights) that I’ve already shared and will continue sharing with my subscribers. You’ll be charged immediately and then billed on the 1st of each month until you cancel (so it’s really smart to subscribe while it’s still the start of the month :wink: ). If you don’t wish to stay a subscriber, you can get charged once and cancel right away — I won’t judge you :wink:

The doc described above is premium because so much effort and expertise went into UX exploration and making it the most convenient app-like doc that’s possible with Coda. Undoubtedly it will be updated with fixes and improvements, so ongoing Patreon membership will ensure that you always have access to the latest and greatest.

If for any reason you don’t want to deal with Patreon, DM or email me and we’ll arrange a direct payment. The price will be the same as subscribing for a month (US$25) but without any other Patron perks.


There’s a less advanced version of this doc (the initial version before any UX improvements) that implements the same workflow but is completely free. It uses default Calendar views, the planning UI and the tasks list editor are nowhere near as convenient, and it is generally unpolished.

Snag it here:

Differences between the Free and the Premium versions:

Putting out fires GTD: what changed - YouTube

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Cheers and happy planning!


This is so amazing! Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk :partying_face:


Simply … mind blowing :clap: :tophat: :partying_face: !!!


Oh, and by the way — here’s the huge playlist of livestreams where I was creating this doc, first the free and then the premium version: