LCD display / Snake game


More crazy experiments on Coda!
(it glitches, but it works)

Would you be interested in a part-time gig, plugging in the formulas to my doc?
Multipart progress bar from table rows
Really Confused About Coda

This is so cool! Reminds me of my high school days playing snake on my TI-82 graphing calculator :grinning:

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Heh. We didn’t have those calculators here, not ubiquitously at least.

Also, I think it’s the first time ever in my 12+ year programming practice that I coded a snake.

BTW, just came up with a way of calling these experiments: Coda golf — like code golf, but with Coda :grin:


This is really impressive @Paul_Danyliuk!

Thanks a ton for sharing!


My record so far: 36.
Try to beat :slight_smile: