Simulator game on Coda


Hi @Al_Chen_Coda, I am looking to experiment and create a simulator game on Coda similar to a spreadsheet simulator game for prototyping, is there someone that I can talk to in order to help me with this experiment?

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Hi Kevin, sure I’d be happy to help! I’m a solutions architect at Coda and help our users build tools in Coda.


Hi Chen,

Apologize for the very late response. I missed the notification on your replied and didn’t realize you have replied.

So how do we start on this experiment? I am a total beginner on this and need plenty of help and guidancen

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Hi, what type of experiment are you looking to do? Have you started building a Coda doc yet?


I was thinking of creating an MMA simulator game based on probabilities. It’s a bit complex, but with what Coda is capable of, I’m thinking this might be better than spreadsheets and perhaps I can even build in sliders to increase / decrease certain aspects of the game such as aggressiveness, which in return will adjust the probabilities based on that sliders settings all within one doc.

I’m not sure if it’s possible though …

I have not started building a coda doc yet at this point.


This definitely sounds doable in Coda, especially with the sliders that would make the doc more dynamic. I’m not sure if you saw this post by another community member who created an interactive game in Coda not too long ago.

Do you have an idea for how the MMA game would work? Once you have established the parameters and you’ve learned a bit about how Coda works, we can work together to build the game!