[Data Segregation]: building a game in Coda

Hi everybody!

Long story short: I decided to build up a simple game to let our prospects to play with the concept of pricing optimisation (this is what my company do).
So I asked myself: why not to build up a prototype in Coda so that we can have a basic MVP to define features and rules?

And here we go.

Key point of this post is however to focus on the concept of data segregation, meaning the possibility to show different data for different users.
Being a game, more people should interact with it without affecting each other.

This is something pointed out several times around and I just followed the basic rule of adding a User column for each table that holds current user data (User()).

When i posted about Table Extension ([Open Discussion] An Object-Oriented approach for Tables: Extensions) I had a similar concept in mind: having a common table (a very simple CurrentUser table, in this example), would allow to build up all the other tables to inherit the common columns.

Anyway, this is the doc: feel free to play around.
You can find the basic rules in the Home page (still WIP).

Please note that:

  • It’s a prototype. It’s not my purpose to finalise it in Coda
  • It is still under (slow) development: do not expect to have meaningful/complete outcomes
  • It might not be stable: I still don’t know how it works under stress with multiple users
  • it covers a wide period of my learning curve with Coda, therefore most of the implementations might be incorrect/temporary
  • Some sections (such as rules) are to be re-done completely

Nonetheless, comments/suggestions are still more than welcome.

Happy New Year!


Great setup @Federico_Stefanato!

Its really cool to see that an MVP is possible using Coda and that it gives people something to interact with. It’s always more fun actually use something in real time than to just flip through PowerPoint slides.