Building a game database with Coda API

Hi there,
We are building a tool for our videogames and we are thinking to try having coda in the process
The idea is to have use the API from our game dev environment (we are using Unity) to get the data and generate classes that store those data, with the correct type : string, float, enum, etc.
We have something working with google spreadsheet where each tab is a database table. Actually, this is ok and working quite well but a bit time consuming: we have to add an extra tab where we describe each column format.

  • I am sure the UX for us to create and manipulate the data can be much more pleasant in Coda than in a spreadsheet.

I have made a simple Coda doc with 2 tables :

  • a characters table
  • an animation table
    in the character table I have a lookup from the animation table with multiple animation possible for each row.

So, here are my suggestions about the API, which is a bit limited currently.
What I’d like :

  • a way to know what data format each column is in. The information is not sent in the API (or if it is I don’t see it in the column request)
  • even better, a single row request where I can have first the column informations so that I don’t need a separate request to get the column informations
  • for columns that lookup from another table, is there any way of getting directly the data inside the row request, maybe as a nested row?

thank you :slight_smile: