Help needed in extracting data from collection form results

I have a form in which data is collected from our lab that I need to go into another table to make a full report that would include multiple forms and tables from other sources.

After the information is collected, I am trying to get it to populate this table but it keeps only showing the values from the first column.

Hi @Terry_Stagg,

I think it’s just a matter of understanding how Coda represents rows.

In fact, in your Lab Data table, you see only the value of the first column, but the whole column is actually represented (if you hover the mouse, you might see the full row).

This is because Amended Reports (clinically significant) column of LabTable table is set as “display column” (see the image below to change the display to another column).

Once you have the row reference, you can access its properties (columns) with the dot notation: RowInstance.ColumnName.

If I correctly understood your use case, you might want to change the design of Lab Data and “flip” rows and columns (just like LabTable).
Unlike spreadsheets, Coda works on a Relational Model (you can find multiple example here in the community); practically speaking, data grow on rows, not on columns.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for your input. I would love to change the form to match the database but when I set it up, there is not a way that I can find to do that.

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Hi @Terry_Stagg ,
right, there is no “automatic” way to transpose columns and rows. But considering the not so heavy current data structure, it’s just a matter of creating a new table similar to Lab Data and aggregate data via formulae.

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