Create table from a list?


Hi all. Is there a way to take a long list of attributes and have them auto-populate the column headings within a new table?

The goal is not to have to start from scratch with a blank table and then manually copy paste or type in each column table.

Also, is there a table transpose option, so that a table I’ve copy pasted into coda from gdocs can instantly be transposed so that row headings are now available as column headings?



I have these exact same questions.


Great questions and suggestions.

You can quickly create tables and name columns by typing |Col 1 Name|Col 2|Col 3|Col 4| etc. and then pressing enter - just type each column name separated by the | character.

We don’t yet have a way to do this from a vertical list or to transpose tables. For now, the best workaround if you need to transpose a table is to do that first in the source app before pasting into Coda.