Rows as columns

I would love to be able to flip a table and see rows as columns.
In some cases it makes more sense to see the info this way
mostly with numbers (and having long titles isn’t such a big problem then

Dear @Pieter_Lesage,

Please find this post from @mallika

In the section from the doc, search for “create a tag list”, where the tags a put in a column by using the button.

thx @Jean_Pierre_Traets for taking the time to reply.

But this is not what I’m looking for (or I’m missing something in the post)

I just want to be able to see rows as columns, so that values are next to each other instead of below each other.

This is not how Coda works, so unfortunately you cannot do this easily.

You can write a formula / action that would create a table and populate it in such fashion that each column’s value goes on its own row. This is a workaround though and requires quite some effort; only do this if you ABSOLUTELY must present the table in a transposed way, e.g. to make the table copy-pasteable into an existing spreadsheet.

P.S. I do hope though that Codans add a transposed display option where columns will be displayed as rows (i.e. where column labels behave like groups and can be either on the left or in the top). This would make a lot of sense for so many reports. CC @BenLee

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We are currently missing a transpose feature, and I agree, it would be nice in some instances to have.

Depending on your setup, grouping the rows and choosing to display along the top somewhat helps for some situations, then the other solutions are what @Paul_Danyliuk mentioned with either copy/pasting in to a spreadsheet and transposing there then copy/pasting back, or re-creating the table.

I’ll pass along the feedback for sure!


+1 would love to see a display transpose feature to view columns as rows!

with certain datasets it just makes sense to view the information transposed and this would be a great feature to have. the hacks just don’t really work so well.