About the Coda API 'get a row'


When I used the Coda API to get a row from the Coda table (attached images below), there are no values present for the button and notes column. I want to know if there is an issue with the Coda API or if there is an error on my part.

Python Code:

Terminal Result:

Row values are: JA, 2000, 10000, ,

Please let me know if there is a solution.

Thank you!

Buttons don’t hold any values. If you want to examine the button’s config such as its formula etc, you have to look into the Columns endpoint for that.

Notes is a canvas column and I guess there’s just no support for retrieving canvas content yet. Last time I needed this (to cross-doc table content from one doc into another) I had to work this around by making a separate column with

Notes._Merge() + ""

formula to convert the canvas to its JSON representation, and turn it back into a canvas on the receiving side with

ParseJson('{"o":' + JSON + '}')._Deref_Object("o")

Canvas columns are supported by the API, and you should get a text approximation of the content within. There isn’t full fidelity however, so certain types of content in the canvas may not be accessible.

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