Button function using Coda Pack


I am so confused with the button function. I added a button for each row in the table in the Coda doc. When I click the button, I want to send the data(Name, ID, Salary) to the column named Notes. I was looking for Coda pack sdk to add custom actions in the button, but I am so lost… Does somebody have a solution or a new idea for this?


Thank you in advance.

Hi Jiahn!

Sorry, when you say send the data from those columns, do you just mean to have them appear in the Notes Column? Is there a specific format or formula you want to to with them once they are there?

Hi Samuel,

Thank you for the reply! oh sorry, I made a mistake… so I want to make the data appear in Result column in any data format - JSON will be the best!

Hey there!

While there are multiple ways to do this, here is one that does not require the use of hidden formulas!

What is your end goal? Depending on what you are trying to do, there are likely some easier ways to get this accomplished!

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Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir !

Thank you for your help! I made successfully! Thank you so much again :smiley:


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