Feature ideas for Table Export Pack

Hey everyone! I recently made a Pack that allows you to export your Coda tables to CSV or Excel via a Coda Button. I’m now exploring additional features to add to the pack and would love to hear your ideas! Some ideas I’ve come up with include:

  • Scheduling automated exports
  • Sending exported tables as email attachments
  • Adding styling/formatting to exported files
  • Ability to export image columns

If you think any of those ideas would be useful or have any other feature ideas, please let me know!


Courtney - Thanks for creating the pack!

I’m trying to set up a button that uses this pack, but I’m not quite sure of the right way to deploy it. Two questions:

  1. Where should the formula be used? Not sure where in the workflow of creating a new button I can insert it.
  2. In the formula syntax, what does “account” refer to?

Thanks again for creating it and for the help.

Hey @Mohit_Shewaramani! It explains how to use the formula in the formula description, which is to wrap the formula with an OpenWindow() function in your button. So the button formula should be OpenWindow(Export(Account, TableName, FileType)). Let me know if you still need help with it.

For your second question, “account” needs to be added to the Pack. If you open the Pack settings in the panel on the right, you can add a new account to it by following the prompts.

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Got it working, thank you!

The thing that was getting me stuck was that I didn’t know how to create a button with a custom formula instead of one of the pre-specified options. But I just created a button and picked the “Open URL” action since I assumed that’s just a UI cover for the OpenWindow() function and then added the Export() formula in the URL field. Fortunately, that did the trick!

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Ah yes, that works too! FYI, to make a custom formula in a button, you can press the ‘f’ button beside the ACTION:

  1. Scheduling automated exports to Onedrive or Google Drive +1
  2. Sending exported tables and/or page as email attachments +1

Btw, do you have any plan for XML format?

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Yeah I would love the scheduled option (don’t care where it goes: email, cloud storage…) for some high-importance docs that I would like backed up. Currently I automate sending a page as an email but it’s not as good as having the data properly structured in CSV.

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Thanks for the feedback @Hendrik_TnB and @Nick_HE! I don’t have plans to add support for XML format because no one else had requested it yet. Unfortunately the library I’m using to create the workbooks doesn’t support XML, so it wouldn’t be a super simple addition. If I find others are requesting it though, I’ll definitely look into it!


Hi Courtney, thanks for a wonderful pack !

I have two suggestions:

  • Ability to export currency columns as a raw number. eg: €20.00 would become 20.00
  • Ability to export numbers with custom decimal separator, in order to support different languages. eg: 20.00 would become 20,00 in french.

As a workaround I create additional columns in my documents and format them via formula, but this would declutter a bit.

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Hey Martin! Thanks for the great suggestions - they both sound very useful. I’ll add them to my feature request list and hopefully implement them in the next couple of months. Just one question: for the currency columns, is the issue that the column is formatted as text rather than currency in Excel, so you can’t do calculations with them? It seems to me that if it was formatted as currency, that would be best so the currency type (ex: CAD vs EUR) would be preserved


This is amazing, thank you Courtney!

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You’re absolutely right, there is indeed no need to strip the currency symbol ! Excel can do calculations on it just fine as soon as I change the decimal separator if I’m in a french sheet.
Thank you again for considering my other suggestion !


Hey @Courtney_Milligan1 :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for this pack! i’ve been waiting so long for this feature!
I’ve got a problem in which table created after adding the pack are not recognized, i’ve tried waiting, a force sync in the settings, new token, removing and adding back the pack, but nothing seems to “update” the list of table…any idea about this? :slight_smile:


Hey @Mario! That’s strange… I just tested it in one of my Coda docs and the new table worked. Are you able to share your doc with me or reproduce the issue in a new doc that you can share with me?

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Hi, @Courtney_Milligan1 .
One feature request I would add is the ability of exporting a view of a table.
This way I could create a customized view with only the columns I want to export.

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Hey @Breno_Nunes! Exporting views should already work… what happens when you try to export a view?

Hi. Thanks for your help

Export Tables error

Table must contain at least one row

It definitely has more than one row.

Hmm that’s odd. Are you able to share your doc with me so I can take a look? If so, my email is courtney.milligan@twostoryrobot.com

Hey @Breno_Nunes I have an idea of why this isn’t working as I got the same issue in my own doc. Is your View filtered? And if so, is it filtered with a personal interactive filter? If so, that could be causing it because only collaborative filters modify the data the pack has access to.

Hi, @Courtney_Milligan1 .
I’m not really using controls to filter my data, but the issue is definitely related to what you said.
Bellow, It’s a mock doc I created.
Sorry for not sharing it before. I have been really busy these days.