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I’ve created a custom Coda pack (Export Tables) and want to know if there’s a way to view how many docs are using the pack? I know there’s a list of docs along the right side of the gallery listing that are using the pack, but from what I understand, those are only published docs.

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Right now those numbers exist in cosas backend and they have to manually generate or pull them for you - if I’m not wrong, it’s on their roadmap in the future to make that easier to see along with other pack statistics for the pack developer.

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Oh man, this is cool!

I didn’t know about that method for returning a blob. You’ve got my wheels turning. And wrapping it in OpenWindow() for the download functionality is :cook:

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Thanks @Nick_HE! Let me know if you figure out any other cool ways to use the blob method. One thing to note is that it’s currently broken in the CLI (only works in the web IDE). They are working on fixing this though so hopefully it happens soon!

Hi, @Courtney_Milligan1. I tried to use your pack but I didn’t get it to work.
The formula I used for the button was OpenWindow([Export Tables]::Export([my connection], Table))
I keep getting this error message bellow. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @Breno_Nunes ! I may need a screenshot of your formula, but I suspect that it’s because you are passing your table to the formula rather than the name of your table as a string. It would be great if I could set it up so that it could accept a table as the parameter, but this isn’t possible in Packs yet.

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We’re working on Pack Analytics right now! It’s one of the things we’ll for sure have before we open up Packs to everyone to make, in the mean time you can just DM me and I can give you stats on any of your Packs.

Also worth noting you can get stats on your published docs (which can give you some insights into people using any Pack templates) by copying this template.

In the meantime would also love to hear feedback from y’all on what data would be most useful for understand your Pack’s usage.

It’s working now :smiley:
Great pack. Thank you.
I don’t know if it’s possible but you could write in the description bellow that the formula only accepts strings.
export table

I think “strings” is too technical for non-dev users, but yeah maybe reiterate that it’s the name of the table

Maybe just say that the table name should be in quotes.

Great work @Courtney_Milligan1! Another tool you can use to try and clarify the parameter type is the examples feature of a formula. Unfortunately there is a known issue at the moment that it doesn’t generate an example value for the special account parameter, but it could still help!

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I’ll add something in to make it more obvious that it should be the table name.

@Glenn_Jaume for the analytics, glad to hear that’s in progress! In terms of what I’d find helpful, I would love to know how many times my pack gets added to a doc, how many times a formula in my pack gets put in a doc, and how many times it gets calculated in the doc. It would also be helpful to know how often users are getting errors when using the formula and maybe even how often a formula gets removed from a doc altogether, if possible.


Hi @Courtney_Milligan1 , love your doc for exporting to csv! In terms of clarifying the formula, you nailed it, it was immediately clear how to use the formula.

Upon trying it out, I have two questions on its use:

  1. Can it be run on a filtered view of a table (eg “export only those rows that have not yet been exported previously”). I suspect not, as you mentioned that the parameter cannot access the table directly, but just wanted to double-check.
  2. Is it possible that the export does not pick up on column type “Image URL”? My table contains such a column, and upon exporting, neither the column name (nor its records) show up in the csv.

Kudos on the launch, I think it’s a great (and much needed!) pack!

All the best from Austria,

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Thank you for the feedback @Nina_Ledid! Glad you’re finding the pack useful.

I don’t know if I completely understand your first question but I’ll try to answer. You can filter your table in the usual way and then export the table and it will only export the visible rows. One thing to note is that it’s using the Coda api to get your table, so there’s a slight delay in the data from the api being updated. If you filter your table or make any changes to it, try waiting a minute before clicking the button.

As for filtering for only rows that haven’t been previously exported, that’s not possible via the pack, but you could create a hidden checkbox column in your table and then use the RunActions() formula to set them all to ‘checked’ after exporting, then filter for the unchecked rows

For your second question, I just tested it and it picked up the column for me, but just included the URL rather than the actual image (because that’s what’s stored in the table). Maybe the API delay affected you here as well? If not, I’m not sure why it would be working for me but not for you. If you want to share your doc with me though I could take a look!

Hope that helps!

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Thanks so much for getting back to me! Fantastic to hear that the pack also works on Views! For some reason, in my original doc, the URL of the image still won’t show. So I put together a test doc to share with you, but - sure enough - in the test doc it works like a charm, and does show the image URL.

I still don’t know what’s tripping up my original doc, but I know now it’s not your pack :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your guidance on this!

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Hmm, that’s add about the original doc, but glad you got it working in your test doc!