Tool for exporting Coda tables to Excel/CSV

Hey everyone! My company, Little Robot, has made a tool that allows Coda users to create a button that exports their tables to Excel or CSV. I’ve seen several posts asking about this so hope this helps! The setup is done through Please let me know what you think!


Wow, great work! I wonder if this could be bundled into a Pack as well? If you aren’t enrolled, you can sign up for the Pack Studio beta here: Join the Pack Studio Beta

Thanks Eric! I am actually enrolled in the Pack Studio Beta and planning to try building it into a pack in the next couple of weeks!

Really cool, I’d love to be able to create a template sheet that the table gets inserted into. I use Coda to calculate a portion of my payroll. The resulting table needs to be in a fairly odd and specific format for ADP to allow import. I know that is an oddly specific ask but thought I would throw it out there. Great stuff!

Thanks @Vince_Balsamo! That’s interesting… what sort of formatting are you talking about? There is a way to read excel files with the library I’m using, but the tool would need to have a way of identifying where to put the Coda data into the template (ex: matching Coda column headers with template column headers)

My example might be a bit of an outlier in that my table data needs to be inserted between row 3-4 vs just finding the appropriate columns within a wider table.

Here is a generic screenshot of what the sheet looks like:

Ah I see. So all the rows from the table you export from Coda would be inserted between rows 3 and 4 in this template? That would definitely be possible to set up, but might have to wait to see if others are asking for things like this before spending the time to implement. Also, as I mentioned to @Eric_Koleda above, I’m planning on trying to turn this into a Coda Pack soon, so if that ends up replacing this tool I’ll see about adding additional features there!

One idea I had in the meantime is to add the extra rows and columns into your Coda table so you can export it all at once. Have you tried that?

Hey all! As an update to the previous comments, I’ve turned the export tool mentioned above into a Coda Pack that you can add to your doc to export tables to CSV or a few different Excel formats