Is there a way to Export data from a table to CSV?

I’m trying to Export my table as a CSV, but I don’t see an option. What am I missing?

Dear @Amir_Banihashemi ,

For the time being there is not such a function integrated in Coda.

A suggested work around is to copy your table, paste it in a spreadsheet and save as *.csv format.

Also I would recommend you to add your vote to the following suggestion topic to provide a better visibility of this much needed feature

I probably shall add that I’ve been experimenting with a piece of logic that would take a view and export it as CSV:

Big chance is, I’ll package it as an easy-to-set-up template and share it as a Monthly Patron Special with my patrons :slight_smile:


Hey @Amir_Banihashemi! If you’re still looking for a way to export your tables to CSV, my company made an integration for Coda that allows you to make a button to export Coda tables to Excel or CSV. The website is Hope it helps!


Hey all! As an update to my previous reply, I’ve turned the export tool that I linked to above into a Coda Pack that you can add to your doc to export tables to CSV or a few different Excel formats


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