Export your table data to a .csv

We understand working with people outside your Coda workspace is an important part of your workflow, so we added another opportunity to export information with a .csv.

New sharing level unlocked.

A .csv export is useful for sharing your table data with a vendor, contractor, or person you work with outside of Coda. If you are a doc maker or editor, you can export all visible data in a table or card, or what’s in the layout of a detail view, calendar, or timeline.

Export a csv.gif

The fun doesn’t stop there. Here are some other ways you can use a .csv export to power your organization:

  • Audit large amounts of data for legal or compliance purposes.
  • Your data is backed up with Coda, but if you’d like an additional back up you can use an export.
  • Move data from Coda to other tools.

Charts, wordclouds, and forms are not available for .csv export. If you would like to export this kind of data, you can export a page as a PDF.

It’s your data, and we believe you should handle it how you please. However you choose to use a .csv, we hope this helps you export to your heart’s desire.


Hello @adamginzberg64 ,

Thank you very much for this feature which is really necessary for many people :), it lacks only a complete export to make its backup ^^




:fire::fire::fire::fire: so happy about this!!!

My team was literally deciding today if we should make a table in coda or in google sheets because we knew it was something we were going to need as a csv. We ended up making it in coda and then copy and pasting it to google sheets after - excited to know that the last time we’ll do that. You guys rock - thank you!


Awesome - such a basic and important feature, thanks!


Awesome! Is this feature accessible via a formula function so that it can be built into a button, for example?




Glad to hear this feature’s been added! If anyone is wanting to export to xlsx as well or have it as a formula in a button (@Nick_Short ), I’ve also got a Pack to do this called Export Tables. Currently working on a Pro version of it as well that will include exporting to google sheets @Kacie_Galligan !


Thanks @Courtney_Milligan1 – Is there a place I could ask you questions about setting that pack up? I’ve tried that pack but can’t get around a particular error.

Packs include a ‘support contact’ in the Settings panel, which I think is the best way to reach out for help with packs. For this one, you can email me at that email (courtney.milligan@twostoryrobot.com) or dm me in here!

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There’s also a sync option between coda and Google sheets using @Al_Chen_Coda’s method. Available on YouTube


Awesome! Thank you for these additional tips :slight_smile:

@Nick_Short great question, we do not yet support an export to csv button action but we have discussed it in the past. I’ll bump up the feature request in our internal backlog.


Amazing feature, it was previously available by just copy and pasting the table and I think this makes it more easily discoverable.

Sometimes when exporting to CSV I want the names of the columns to be different from what I have in the doc. Is there any way to tell Coda the Export to CSV about that?

@Connor_McCormick1 we don’t have a great way to specify custom column names today. I could imagine a future where we might have some sort of advanced flow for exports which could allow a wide range of customization.

For now, the easiest workaround is probably to duplicate the table, rename the columns, export, and then delete the spare table. Completely acknowledge that’s not ideal - will keep thinking on how we might improve further.


Hey @Kacie_Galligan! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just launched some new packs that allow you to export your Coda tables directly to Google Sheets! You can do this by combining my Export Tables Pro pack with my Export to Google Workplace pack


Awesome!! Thank you for the udpaet

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