Launched: TableExporter Pack

Export Coda tables to PDF, Markdown, HTML & CSV. No third party API & even wide table gets exported to PDF properly!

This is the first release for Coda users to try & provide feedback. More exciting updates (primarily for PDF export) soon!

Pack link : TableExporter Pack, extend Coda with TableExporter | Coda

The pack is a submission to Coda Packathon
The pack is originally submitted to Coda Packathon & if you like the Pack, do vote for the pack here, Community Choice Voting Doc · Packathon Community Choice Voting Doc

Do provide me honest feedback about improvements, new features & bugs!

Thanks & regards,
Rupjyoti Nath


This is neat! Do you have any plans for a full page to PDF exporter? Would love to automate a button press that would export a page to pdf and then send it to others by email

Thanks. I have thought about full page PDF export as well but not yet decided to work on it. Coda already has page export, even though few improvements are required like wide tables are not fully exported. Also, there is no option/action that you can use to send PDF automatically by email. I think they are working to improve & it will make the export better in future.

I will still think to implement it with more user options /customization. As of now , my immediate plan is to improve the table exporter itself.

Thank you for the suggestion. It helps to understand what the community is looking for & work on required packs.

Important Info
If anyone copies the Pack demo doc, TableExporter Pack , make sure to change the doc id in the formula’s or actions. Otherwise you would get error because it still has my doc id.
I can see some error in stats but I can only imagine that this is the primary issue if you are copying the doc & trying the Pack.

You can get the doc id by providing your doc URL at Coda API (v1) Reference Documentation . There is a small form to paste the doc URL & it returns the id.

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