Launched: Save a Page as PDF

When we upgraded the printing experience for Coda a few weeks back, we were aware that it was common to use a browser’s print dialog to generate PDFs from Coda. While a serviceable option, we knew we could do better. That’s why we’re excited to share that you can now export a single page as a PDF directly from Coda.

Here’s how:

  1. Bring your cursor next to your doc title to expose the three-dot menu …
  2. Click the three-dots to open a drop down of doc options
  3. Select “Save as PDF”

PDFs will render in full color with automatic pagination and clickable hyperlinks.

A few things to know about our v1 support for PDFs directly from Coda:

  1. You can only export one page at a time, and must wait for your requested PDF to download before you can start exporting another page.
  2. At this time, we only support export of individual pages to PDF; we do not support exporting entire docs
  3. PDFs will export as 8.5 X 11, in portrait orientation. Landscape or size A4 are not currently supported.
  4. Wide tables will not be shrunk to fit the page, which may result in columns from wide tables being cut off in the exported PDF
  5. While hyperlinks are clickable and will bring you to the indicated website, references within the page (to people, tables, rows or other pages) are not clickable navigation objects

We realize not everyone with who you need to share content from Coda needs to login to a collaborative doc, and some important communication is better shared as a PDF attachment. We hope this update makes it easier for you to do more for your business with Coda. If you have feedback on PDFs in Coda, we’d love for you to share it with us here:


I’m sure you are already considering this, but let me vote for Formula access to this functionality (i.e. a “Print this invoice” button, for instance).


Yes. We’d like to provide formula access to this also. It may make it onto the print/export roadmap along with several other enhancements. Thanks for your vote. We prioritize our work in large part on customer feedback like yours.


So exciting for this to be getting love!

Am I missing something, or could you basically already do this through the print dialog by setting destination to Save as PDF?

Yes. You totally can do that also if you like :slight_smile: We believe this direct flow from the Coda menu is a little easier. It also sets up Coda to be able to support future scenarios around using PDF versions of Coda docs/pages that a save to PDF via the browser’s print dialog will not be able to support.


I really like these improvements.
I just think there should be a better way to print or to save as pdf a table with pictures.
Despite the fact that the table only shows a thumbnail of each picture, the pdf file has the whole image inside and you get really large pdf files.


Great feedback Breno.

I’ve added this report to our bug tracker so we can improve the size of the created PDF via reduced image sizes.

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Thanks, this is a great feature for my use case but unfortunately at the moment it’s broken: the cover image comes out heavily pixelated and cut off by the margins on either side. The first chart I’ve got in my doc gets cut in half by the page break with the top half being just a grey rectangle and the bottom half showing the chart lines but not showing the x axis / title / legend etc.

PDF is always welcome. But you know we need settings for this.

The tables need a compact view option in coda, as I have suggested here: Option: Compact tables - cells with less white space

Currently I need to copy my tables, paste them in Excel, reformat them, then share them as PDFs.

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This is a little buggy as now, card view are cut, most layout border are missing, the 8.5 X 11 layout is a little bit limiting, i would strongly prefer to have a “save as pdf” button that allow me to set some settings (like page dimension, orientation, which data in and which out, ecc…)

Yeah it’s a first step but not completely usable :heart:

What it should be:


What it becomes:

It’s not present in Publishing mode, but it can be a good feature, maybe actionated with a button! :slight_smile:

@Matthew_Tebbs thanks for this feature it’s going to be very useful.

My use case might not be common but it would be super cool if coda could solve this in the future:

I use a custom-made embedded element that renders floorplan images dinamically based on coda table data. I tried to print one of these pages and noticed that the new print feature tries to render these elements but they would need a “manual confirmation” (a click) to render them completely:

The “force: true” is enabled in the embed() function.

Is there a workaround to enforce these renderings? If not, do you see any solutions for this that could be implemented in the future through print feature updates? Thanks!

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It would be great to be able to insert a ‘page break’ so that we can force items to be printed on the next page. I think this simple item would go a long way.

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Hi Pjotr,

Thanks for the issue report.

What type of chart is it?

Hi Jay,

We’ve got logic to be smart about how we group items onto pages. It’s something we’ll improve over time.

Hi Zsolt,

Thanks for the bug report with embeds. It’s an issue that we’ll be fixing soon when we can resolve security concerns with it.


Agreed, customization of our prints and saves to other formats is on our backlog.

Hi Mario,

Good feedback. We’ll be improving the rendering over time. It is expected that the card title would stay with the card, but because of the card length it has split across pages. I’ve entered this as an issue for us to resolve.

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You guys are doing an amazing Job! I’m happy to see how active and updated you keep Coda :slight_smile:


Line chart.



Thanks. I’ll take a look.