Launched: Print a Single Page (and printing quality improvements!)

You’ve asked, and we’ve been listening to and reviewing your frustrations with printing. We’ve also been impressed by your work-arounds. But it’s been clear we’ve had work to do, and after a few months of research and work to improve the printing experience with Coda, we’re ready to release some substantial updates.

Starting today, the “Print” option (accessed via Command + P on Mac, Ctrl + P on PC, or the … menu exposed when hover next to your doc name) will print only the selected page, and print from the current tab. Previously, it printed the entire doc from a new tab. We hope this helps you accommodate a broader range of scenarios, like printing a single invoice or discretely printing a report or overview.

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:bulb: Heads-up! If you use your browser’s print button (rather than the print option within Coda or the shortcuts above), your outputs will not be optimized. This is fairly common with browser-based apps, but we figured it was worth calling out!

We’re also improving the printing quality with Coda. This includes improvements to content that wasn’t rendering clearly before, as well as clearing printed pages of items like the collapsible content carat (▸ or ▼) that primarily serve to enable web-UI interactions.

A note on wide tables: When reviewing your feedback, we heard that most Makers who intend to print their content format their tables so that they fit a single page’s width. With today’s update, we don’t shrink wide tables to fit to the page since doing so could make other content on the page unreadable. As a result, columns from wide tables will be cut off during printing. If you do want to print wider tables, you still have a couple of options: (1.) print in landscape mode; or (2.) scale down the output in your browser’s print dialog.

With such a wide variety of content that can be printed from Coda, we acknowledge that there are likely some edge cases or small bugs we haven’t anticipated. We’d love your feedback on the updated printing experience, and if you continue to find content that doesn’t render correctly for printing, please let us know via this form.

Note that most browsers will also support saving to PDF from their Print Dialog, as well as some basic page settings. This will allow you to create PDF invoices from a single page of a Coda doc, or share PDFs of reports. Here’s an example from Google Chrome on a Mac:

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Thanks for your great, detailed feedback on how we can improve printing (and PDFs!) with Coda. We hope this helps solve a number of issues you reported, and look forward to reviewing more of your printing-specific feedback as you submit it via this form.


Awesome! Thank you!!!


Great news
It was the feature I missed most. Really really excited to try it out.
Thank you.


Finally! Thanks. Now just add Header and Footer Options and maybe some Formatting (Borders, Text Size…) and it is perfect!


Awesome! Will there be a button/an action by a chance to build a PDF?

I can imagine quite a few workflows, which integrate with Zapier or just with automations and sends an email with the PDF (invoice) attached.


Love it, thanks Coda team!

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Thank you, thank you for this feature! I could have used it 3 weeks ago when I took screenshots of over 25 volunteer schedules for a non-profit fundraiser. Now I know that next year it will go much faster! I am thrilled.

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Awesome! Will there be a button/an action by a chance to build a PDF?

Oh - I second this. Having the ability to make an action that creates a pdf is definitely a massive one for us!


I filled out the questionnaire you guys put out regarding printing Coda docs and I’m pleased to say this improvement covers my use case pretty much exactly as I need. Thanks a bunch!


Our product wizards are evaluating next steps for PDF – please stay tuned for updates in (hopefully) a few weeks!


Look like it’s possible that lines of text can get cut in half when printing a formula.

I am running into this on another project, but here is a (trivial) example that could perhaps be useful to play with.

Also, for context here’s the other project I’m working on.

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Thanks Conner for the report! We’ll be tracking rendering issues like this one as users get the chance to try the print feature and give feedback. If you get a chance, would you mind submitting this via the form linked in the original post?

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Awesome!! This feature was a long time frustration for my use cases. Really improved the usability!

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How do I have to format links which are clickable on a PDF?

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Dear @Thomas_Schulz,

Please find a sample doc attached: .

When you print it to *.pdf the *.pdf the links will open (If not restricted by admin)

I would also like to see this. Make sure to submit feedback on this in this form!

IMHO most multi-page “Save as PDF” or “Print to PDF” just doesn’t work. The current functionality is missing the basic ability for a user to insert/indicate a “PDF Page Break before this Block” (or similar) setting in the page, to at least give some control at the Block level (even though it may not be useful for other scenarios). Is anything like this proposed or known to be on the Roadmap?

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We don’t have more print/pdf work scheduled at the moment. We are hard at work on a number of things, including performance, and will have to see if time opens up.

I can see how this would be advantageous to have included, but I have a feeling it’s not a trivial task to add. We’ll be keeping it in mind though and definitely appreciate the feedback.

I know it’s not the full solution you’re looking for, but in a pinch and for others reading this thread, the workaround of using a detail view might be enough to make things work for now.

That workaround does not work in most cases.

If you’re creating a long document using a formula then Coda is going to insert pagebreaks in inopportune locations.

Is there any other way to manually place pagebreaks? Even if I have to use developer console.

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Not that I know of right now.

We’ll add it to our list of requests.