Printing coda docs?

Only just beginning with Coda and love the potential…

However, not everybody in corporations will be living on the coda-cutting-edge… they’ll want old school reports they can print. (especially the bosses that hand out end-of-year bonuses!)

I tried printing a document with charts, and they came out very pixelated (like 50 dpi, maybe?). Conditional formatting does not seem to work in print? Little drop-down arrows from selection boxes are visible in the printed version?

Am I doing something wrong, or should I consider Coda docs not printable?


Hey @Jan_Bouten, printing has been a very rough experience for me as well with Coda docs. Sometimes i printscreen the section of the report i want and paste it into a word doc. I do hope Coda plans better printing support. As you are correct the intent is not to print everything all the time, but larger slower moving orgs still work/rely on printed reports.


I agree 100%. I often need to see just a few items in front of me for focus, and printing is an absolute nightmare. I have no way to customize what does/does not get printed (via chrome) and instead have to just print the desired page(s) and hope for the best in terms of formatting. This is something that Google Sheets has implemented really well.

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+1, really usefull option

I tried printing a Coda Doc this morning, and it printed the question mark in the bottom corner.

Hopefully, this gets better soon.

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+1 for this as well. I work in real estate development where reports often need to be memorialized into a document or pdf for chain of evidence in case you ever need them for legal reasons. That probably goes for a lot of industries. Top notch exporting, format control, and the live print preview would help reduce the friction of having to copy data to another format for printing, etc. This is something I have found lacking in Smartsheet which is a great tool with bad printing capabilities - you can’t see how your print will look until after you download it. It feels like more of an art than a science


Thank you all for your feedback. As one of the engineers on the Coda team, we have printing and PDF export on our roadmap and appreciate the additional context throughout the thread. Currently we don’t have a timeline for releasing better printer support. Your feedback is being heard by our product team and we prioritizing printing among our other active projects.


Thank you! If you need additional testers to look at and provide feedback of an early version with heavy printing needs please include me, thanks!


I’m a +1 for this as well. I need to periodically export PDFs of financial records so I can have them stored and documented. Snapshot at point-in-time of a document’s state is important!

+1 on this as well. This would be a very useful feature for most people Printing/PDF export. More detailed formatting options while we are at it (background, fonts, etc)

Hi all, coda now supports printing, but doesn’t render the charts. Is this in the pipeline?